BLOOD OF FREAKS : the Singles 1989 - 1993 LP


"TKO Records’ “Vault of ANTiSEEN” series returns with this extremely cool LP that compiles the songs from seven of the band’s best records, originally released between 1989 and 1992. Many of ANTiSEEN’s top songs appear on this collection, including “Up All Night,” “Hippy Punk,” and “Two Headed Dog.”.

...anyone into Ramones-influenced punk should give this classic band a chance. Blood of Freaks is an excellent place to start. It used to be a chore finding all of ANTiSEEN’s material, but TKO keeps making it a very easy task to amass a hearty collection of their releases. Mikey likes Life cereal. You’ll like ANTiSEEN if you give them a listen." - RAZORCAKE/January, 2013

1. Up All Night
2. Hippy Punk
3. I Wish I Had Killed You When I Had The Chance
4. I Don't Need You
5. Kill The Business
6. I Can't Control Myself
7. Mill Workin' Man

1. Two-Headed Dog
2. Cause I Love You
3. Walking Dead
4. Haunted House
5. Ruby, Ruby Get Back To The Hills
6. Hippy Punk
7. Wifebeater
8. Interview on WXCI Radio