A Malcolm Tent 36 year career retrospective. Features 14 bands and projects that Tent has been involved with. All tracks are either unreleased or from rare, out of print titles. Comes with 4 page booklet containing liner notes and photos.

A1 Broken Talent– My God Can Beat Up Your God
A2 King Hatreds– Come Dance With Me
A3 The Bunny Brains– On The Floor Again
A4 Bobby (9)– Clean The Club
A5 The Malcolm Tent Power Duo– Spin The Wheel
A6 They Hate Us– Abudadein
A7 BB Gun– Pink Puddle
A8 Malcolm Tent– The Wonderful Shoe Salesman
B1 Fried Man– Don/ Glen/ Van
B2 Ultrabunny– Flipper Rule, OK?
B3 Numberstation– The Trine
B4 Cone Toes– Are You Ready To Rock With The Cone Toes?
B5 Antiseen– Sabu
B6 Malcolm Tent– Hail Satan!

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