The Complete DRASTIC Sessions LP


For the ninth volume of the "Vault Of ANTiSEEN" reissue series, we travel back to the band's very first studio recording from November of 1984....
Remastered from the original analog 1/4" reel, "The Complete DRASTIC Sessions" captures ANTiSEEN crawling out of the primordial ooze and taking the first steps of the trail that they continue to blaze TO THIS DAY.
Included in this release is the entire original "Drastic" EP, plus an additional seven tracks from the same session, most of which are, prior to the is collection, previously unreleased.
This first edition of "The Complete DRASTIC Sessions" is limited to 500 copies on WHITE vinyl. Packaging includes line notes from Jeff Clayton, previously unpublished band photos and some truly MIND-BENDING cover art by Jamie Vayda of LOUD COMIX.

1. Queen City Stomp
2. She's Part Of The Scene
3. Rumors
4. Psycho Path
5. Absent Minded
6. Nothing's Cool
7. Destructo Rock

1. On Your Knees
2. Jailbait
3. Wifebeater
4. Meat Market
5. Mill Workin' Man
6. The Witch