Everybody Loves ANTiSEEN tribute - double CD


CD1-1 Thee Cosmic Commander Of Wrestling*– Cosmorado OA5599 1:13
CD1-2 Limecell– Kill The Business 3:38
CD1-3 Brody's Militia– Ugly American 1:17
CD1-4 Hank III*– Ruby, Get Back To The Hills 2:25
CD1-5 The Loose Skrews– I Don't Ask You For Nothing 1:59
CD1-6 Bumpin Uglies (4)– Self-Induced Lobotomy 2:09
CD1-7 Volatile Baby– Wifebeater 2:32
CD1-8 Hellstomper (2)– Leeches & Losers 2:12
CD1-9 The Faggot Kings– We Got This Far (Without You) 3:38
CD1-10 Drat!– Cop Out 1:43
CD1-11 Dark Ryders– Weight Of The World 3:39
CD1-12 Nothing But Puke– Star Whore 1:57
CD1-13 The Deviltones– You're Gonna Tote An Asskickin' 1:34
CD1-14 Savage City Outlaws– Sabu 2:14
CD1-15 People Like You (3)– Simon Stokes 3:06
CD1-16 The Poppin' Mamas– Mill Workin' Man 2:36
CD1-17 Ike Frasier– Violence Now 2:52
CD1-18 Rancid Vat– Hippy Punk 2:43
CD1-19 Before I Hang– Funk U 2:40
CD1-20 Self-Made Monsters– Up All Night 4:01
CD1-21 The Nerds (3)– Walking Dead 2:53
CD1-22 The Boils– Scapegoat 1:52
CD1-23 Cianide– Melting Pot 4:00
CD1-24 Tom O'Keefe– Evil Rock N' Roll 2:37
CD1-25 Rock N' Roll Outlaw– Old Man Hit The Road 2:16
CD1-26 Gideon Smith– Misery 3:48
CD1-27 Bootleg Bill– Date Rape 2:37
CD1-28 Blowfly– If I Had A Million Bucks 0:41
CD1-29 The Hammercocks– Fuck All Y'All 1:44

Disc 2
CD2-1 Texas Terri Bomb*– Run My World 2:36
CD2-2 The Bad Vibes– Spare Change 3:04
CD2-3 Torg (2)– I'm A Baby Face Killer 2:19
CD2-4 Rawhead (6)– Drug Through The Heavy Ass Mud 2:52
CD2-5 Jeff Dahl– People Like You 2:21
CD2-6 Sweet GA Brown– Shittin' In High Cotton 3:20
CD2-7 Bloody Mary (11)– Queen City Stomp 1:08
CD2-8 The Tunnel Rats (2)– Cactus Jack 1:04
CD2-9 Super Swamper– Justifiable Homicide 1:56
CD2-10 Zeke– Death Train Comin' 1:20
CD2-11 D.O.C. (2)– NC Royalty 2:24
CD2-12 Marlon Cherry– Tortured Soul 1:11
CD2-13 Hammerlock– Billy The Kid 2:49
CD2-14 The Thrill Killers– White Trash Bitch 2:47
CD2-15 Genocide Superstars– Stormtrooper 1:29
CD2-16 Born Bavarian– Glad I Am The Way I Am 3:27
CD2-17 Polecat Boogie Revival– Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag 4:02
CD2-18 Brothers Of Freaks– Warhero 4:02
CD2-19 The Bulemics– What The Bastards Fry 2:23
CD2-20 Clamp– Nothing's Cool 2:40
CD2-21 The Deuce Frehley Band– Fornication 4:54
CD2-22 Empire Falls– Trapped In Dixie 2:59
CD2-23 The Hookers– Hammerhead 2:02
CD2-24 Dr. Shock & The Go Go Monsters– Absent Minded 2:47
CD2-25 The Botched Suicides (2)– OD For Me 2:42
CD2-26 Skeleton Army– Animals Eat 'Em 2:39
CD2-27 XXX Smut– Destructo Rock 1:47
CD2-28 Chaos UK– Fuck All Y'All